Bourn Custom Homes

Our Story

It was Chip Gaines who said it best, "Only phonies want the phony you, but you'll happily find all the real people want the real you." So here is our story about the real us. 


Bourn Custom Homes started with a dream — a dream of creating beautiful spaces for families to build memories to last a lifetime.

Inspired by achieving his own dream of building a "forever home" for his family, Gary Bourn founded Bourn Custom Homes to help others achieve their dreams. We believe there is a better way to design homes that will last you a lifetime. Our experienced team will help you through every step of the process!

We believe:

  • Every family deserves a quality home to build long-lasting memories in.

  • Just as each family is unique, each home should be unique to fit a family's needs.

  • Our Maker is a great model of beauty and design. Just as He designed our world, examining every intricate detail, Bourn Custom Homes will design your forever home with the detail it deserves.

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