Selecting Paint for Your Home

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Is there anything more frustrating than finding a paint color you love, only to find that when it's on your walls, it's all wrong?!?!

"But it looked totally different on the paint chip!" --- If I had a dime for every time I heard this, I'd be ballin'. Ya know what I mean?

<---- And this is me selecting paint at the local Sherwin Williams store! "It's a mystery!!!" How exciting!

I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again: If I had just one superpower, I wish it were the ability to select paint colors! The good news is this - I'm pretty sure I found a solution to all of our paint color headaches! Through failure, I've learned a lot! ;) Here are a few tips to help you overcome the paint struggle:


#1: Always remember, less is more!

We've heard the saying over and over again, and when it comes to selecting paint colors, this is 100% true. My go-to rule is to keep your paint selections for your entire home at no more than four colors. Select one wall color, one trim color, and two accent colors, and use those colors in different ways around your home. As far as the finish goes, it's an easy decision to make! Eggshell for the walls and semi-gloss for your trim work. Eggshell is matte and easy to clean, while semi-gloss reflects light in the room, creating just the pop you desire! And remember, just because you're using only three to four colors doesn't mean your style is boring! Your style can still be eclectic and unique by incorporating different textures and artwork in your decor!

#2: Consider undertones.

Undertones are those little hints of color that are seen in different lighting conditions. That means Bohemian Black isn't just black! It's purplish-black! Before you put that awesome paint color on your wall, look for undertones. Be sure to give that paint chip a second and third look under various lighting conditions to make sure there aren't any undertones you didn't see the first time!

#3: Transition by shade.

If you're unsure of the colors you want to use throughout the house, it's a great idea to select one main color and then transition using the shade of color you love. In one of the projects we are currently working on, we are transitioning from SW Extra White on the trim, to SW Ice Cube on the walls, to SW Krypton on select accent areas, and then SW Naval on accent walls. Extra White is a white-white color (I'm also planning to utilize this in smaller spaces on the trim AND walls), Ice Cube has a subtle blue hue, Krypton has a more distinct blue hue, and Naval is a bold navy blue color. I can't wait to show you guys how these colors compliment each other throughout the home!

#4: And finally, go with what you love!

When you first start gathering paint chips, think about the colors you love. Before I was confident in the design world, I'd always try to seek advice from friends and family. Everyone had their own opinions and styles. Rather than trust my own intuition, I'd go with something I didn't really love but that was recommended by a friend. I LOVE white and blue! I always have! (I think it's a generational thing --- my mama does too!) White and blue are my two favorite colors!!! Why I ever went with boring beiges or yucky browns, I'll never understand?!?! I guess I'll chalk it up to inexperience and self-doubt. But times have changed, and this girl knows what she wants!

Be confident! You know what you want too!!!

You know the colors you love, so don't be afraid to use those faves in your home.

"Home is the place to do the things you want to do." - Zelda Fitzgerald


Remember, selecting paint colors doesn't have to be complicated. Keep it simple! We've always said the very best homes have a story to tell. Think of the colors you choose as a backdrop of your story. What story do you want your walls to tell?

A few of my favorite Sherwin Williams colors.

Here are a few of my favorites! Blues are my favorite hues, but I also love the greens to create an airy and serene retreat.

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