Copper and Belle!

Copper and Belle just sound so pretty together – like I want to get two super cute puppies and use Copper and Belle as their names – but they aren't just pretty names or words I've decided to use as a title for this blog. They are our two BIG projects we're currently working on. Our Copper project is going up as we speak! We've already accomplished so much on this project and we've got a whole lot happening in the coming weeks! Here are a few photos of the progress...

August 23rd: Foundation Poured!

Gary standing in the living room. :)

August 28th: Framing started!

Walls going up!

And then there was a roof! (September 13th)

September 25th: Tyvek started and our framers hit it out of the park with their work! That wrap was on point!

Gary standing in the foyer of the 19' tall front entry! Not even he can run into a light fixture in that hall. ;)

October 18th: The trim work on the exterior of this house is really making this feel more like a home!

I can't wait to share more progress of this project with you! This week we are tackling stucco work on the exterior! By the beginning of November we'll be ready to paint the exterior, add a metal roof, and then start insulation. While I don't wish for time to move any faster than it is, I'm really looking forward to mid November! I can't wait to see sheetrock started. I've already got so many ideas for trim finishes on the inside. :)

Belle Project:

Our Belle Oaks #1 project has been renamed the "Casita Bonita" project. We've been working on the plans of this project for weeks now! I'm going to share more about that project later, but for now I'll let you in on one of our showstoppers of this project!

This home will feature a full "casita." It includes a living room, kitchen, 1 bedroom, 1 bath, a laundry room, and its very own garage! This space will be ideal for families who are...

a.) looking for a home to care for an aging parent

b.) looking for space for an older child looking to return home

c.) looking for a place to call home for a live-in childcare provider

The options are endless with this plan! Not only will the "Casita Bonita" project be wonderful for its casita, but it's a well-designed plan that will incorporate all the space a family needs to never want to leave home! Keep an eye out for the next blog post on the Casita Bonita project! I will update you hopefully sooner than later!

"Designing and building your home is your story. Making your dreams come true is ours. We're here to simplify the building process and add joy to your journey."

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