Chicago Inspiration: My Big Three Takeaways!

It's been about two weeks since Gary and I set foot in Chicago. While we were only there for four days, we left with a plethora of knowledge. It seemed as though every place we visited, we learned something new!

We even visited the Adler Planetarium to gain some knowledge! :D

Gary had to attend a conference on two of the four days, but while he sat in a lovely hotel banquet room, I roamed around Chicago in search of inspiration for our future builds.

Ladies and gents — I found what I was looking for!

Here I'll share a few of the takeaways from our trip, and you'll see the Chicago inspiration in the design of our second home in Belle Oaks! I'm still tweaking the design, and yes, I'm driving Gary crazy with the wait — but hey, what can I say? A masterpiece takes time. ;)

Searching for inspiration from high in the sky! 103 stories high!!!

Here are some of the biggies that stuck with me:

#1. Being BIG isn't everything.