40 Day Smile Challenge

There are so many things going on this holiday season, and with that, so many things to do. I can already see you nodding along in agreement. We've got Christmas presents to buy, dinners to attend, halls to deck, chestnuts to roast — you get the picture — we're crazy busy! And if you're anything like me, the busyness of the season has already hit hard, and there are only 40 days left to make it just right!

The one thing I always get excited about every year is giving. It's my favorite thing to do, but I'll be real with you, it stinks when you don't have much to give. I've been there. I remember sitting in our bedroom not too long ago — frustrated because we didn't have enough funds to give as much as I wanted. It seems I've spent the majority of my lifetime frustrated because I want to give so much and never have enough to give! That's crazy!!!!

So I've been thinking a lot, and it hit me! Giving shouldn't be that hard. We all have something to give!

For some time now, Gary and I have operated under the currency of time rather than money. It's been a HUGE game changer for us. (I'll share more on that later.) But I say that to give you perspective. You see, I've been thinking of a way for ALL of us to give, and it turns out — it's the easiest thing in the world to do! ANYONE can do this challenge! My nine year old has already signed up.

We've got 40 days until Christmas and several opportunities to give every single day!

So are you interested in giving this season? Do you want to give big? Want to make someone's holiday season a little brighter?

Give the gift of a smile!!!

Here are the rules:

#1. Smile — when the world seems to be against you.

For example, you go out of town to a cool little restaurant; you drive an hour to get home; you realize your wallet is missing; after panic hits, you realize the wallet fell out of your pocket. Thankfully the restaurant manager found it. You drive an hour back to pick up your wallet; you park. You get back in your car; your car's sensors lose their minds and you are bombarded with a constant BEEEEPPPP. Okay, okay!!! *Hear we go — rather than banging your head against the steering wheel and saying some things Jesus wouldn't be happy with — smile! It's all gonna be alright! Turn your engine off and on. Press the reset button and get back on track!