2021: A New Beginning and a Time to Build Together

Can you believe we're finally here? 2020 has come and gone! I heard shouts of joy as we exited a year of trial and strife, and entered a new year full of hope. Yet, as I've lived through the first few weeks of 2021, I have to say --- it's still feeling very 2020-ish. As far as the building world goes, we are living in some crazy times. If you haven't heard by now, the cost of lumber is sky-high. Forbes called lumber "one of the most volatile commodities in the world right now," and for our business, that's the type of news that can make everything seem quite bleak.

Have you been there before? Have you lived through struggle, hardship, or pain? I'm sure you have! After all, we are human. Life isn't always perfect.

But we are in the business of making dreams come true, and we've had to ask ourselves - "What can WE do to help our clients achieve their dreams?" The cost of building has gone up thousands and thousands of dollars from 2019, but we stand firm in believing we can still build beautiful, custom homes for our clients.


As we evaluated our business model, we came to one conclusion. Teamwork is the answer to the challenges we face in 2021. We're all in the same boat. Lumber costs are what they are. The predictions tell us to "stay tuned" with no clear-cut idea of what to expect. So more than ever before, teamwork is the answer. Allow me to explain ---

Bourn Custom Homes operates as a Design+Build business. We wan't to build true custom homes that aren't replicated over and over again. We want to build homes that work for your family, not put families in homes that worked for our bottom line. Without changing our business model, we know we are going to have to depend heavily on the team we work with, and that all starts with impeccable plans. Having a designer who understands lumber, understands real people, and has an incredible work ethic is where it all starts. When you design with us, we will consider your budget all throughout the process. Knowing what we know about lumber, we can make the best recommendations to keep costs where you want them. Although we don't know what lumber will cost tomorrow, we do know it will be high, so why not spend money exactly where you want it? If you don't need that 17' tall foyer, why spend the money there? Put it in that 20' slider you've always dreamed of!


Of course, you can have a great builder, a great architect, and a great designer, but if YOU aren't included in the Design+Build process, a big piece of the puzzle is missing. If we're to overcome the great obstacle of lumber prices, we're going to need YOU. As a team, we have to come together to get your list of wants and needs down. Foundation costs, lumber, and labor are costs that are necessary. You don't want to compromise on quality. (We wouldn't let you!) So what do you have control over? Finish-outs!

Loving that marble look? You don't have to go with real marble. A quick Google search of "marble look tile" will land you with results that show polished porcelain tile starting at $1.39/sqft! (Or